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Emmons Modular can provide architectural or architectural consulting services that best fit individual modular projects.


Project Architect: for small to mid-size projects in the State of Washington, Oregon, and California, Emmons Modular can be the Project Architect for the project. Stuart Emmons has been the project architect on many market-rate housing, affordable housing, educational, government and institutional projects in the past 20 years in numerous jurisdictions.


Consulting Architect: Emmons Modular can bring modular expertise to an architectural/development team. Emmons can also consult on and coordinate structural connections, systems and other details related to modular. We would also help select qualified manufacturers, installers and other subcontractors to help insure a successful project. Emmons has worked on many collaborative teams, and this arrangement is a great way to make a successful, economical modular project and gain all the advantages of modular.


King County Modular Shelter

Simone Hotel

Ocean Park
Community Center

Coventry Street

Interstate Crossing

Lewis & Clark Plaza

King County ImHomeToo Modular Community

Oswald Lofts

Micro Pod

Coventry Street

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