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Stuart Emmons is the principal of Emmons Modular, and has practiced as a licensed architect, developer and manufacturing plant manager for 32 years. He lives in Portland, Oregon and is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His modular work on housing and classrooms is a natural progression from his origins as a cabinetmaker and manufacturing plant manager, and years designing multi-family housing and education projects. Stuart authored an overview of worldwide modular construction in 2010, and researched how best to use modular construction for housing. This report convinced the city of Portland’s housing bureau to support and finance Kah San Chako Haws, the first modular affordable multi-family, multi-story housing project in the Pacific Northwest, and one of the first in the nation. The combination of his design capabilities, engineering and architectural skills, development and costing expertise, and shop fabrication experiences uniquely qualify Stuart for developing beautiful, successful modular projects that stand apart from most other projects.

Stuart holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, and a Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University. He has won many AIA and IIDA awards for design excellence, and many clients choose him because he delivers projects that are not only technically proficient, but exceed expectations in terms of design. Stuart has owned his own architectural and development practice for 15 years; preceded by positions in leading architectural firms in Portland, Los Angeles and New York and manufacturing plants in San Francisco and Portland.

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