Architectural Team Members

Emmons Modular, as a member of an architectural team, helps win projects that include modular, because we will significantly help make a modular project a success. We like to work collaboratively so the whole project team feels we have done an excellent project that maximizes the benefits of modular, and the client feels we have met or exceeded their goals.


A successful modular project starts with a plan that is best for modular, while working well with the owner's goals. Then, design and engineering is a critical foundation for a successful modular project. And then, on through specifying, coordinating trades, transportation, installation, and finish. Emmons Modular should be brought in at the outset of a project, and be involved through construction completion to maximize our experience and benefits to a project. We are are advocates for streamlining through all phases of the project, resulting in projects that are less cost, take less time, and are higher quality.


In the last several years, scores of modular education and housing projects have been built nationally. Many unfortunately have not achieved all of their goals, primarily due to issues with design, engineering, sequencing, specifying, installation and/or coordination. We have visited many of these projects and interviewed participants. Analyzing the lessons learned on modular projects gives us an in-depth, unique level of experience for executing better modular projects.


We are convinced that modular makes sense for many types of projects. Our goal is to see more and more successful modular projects that are done faster, at less cost, and that achieve higher quality.


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